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Pumpkin Muffin by FlourChylde

FlourChylde bakery is my favorite gluten free bakery and their pumpkin muffin satisfies the hungriest appetite for pumpkin. The spices are well balanced and delicate. The diary free “cream cheese” frosting is not overpowering and compliments the soft, moist pumpkin muffin well.

I’m certainly keeping them in business since they are at the Mission Mercado every Thursday evening!


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Blueberry muffin (Flour Chylde bakery)

20140625-074645-28005278.jpgFlour Chylde Bakery did it again – they created a gluten free treat that was moist and not grainy.

This blueberry muffin has a wholesome taste to it – the flour mixture tastes more like a dense bran muffin than a white blueberry cake. It could use some help esthetically and of course, more blueberries! Overall, if you are looking for a classic blueberry muffin in the gluten free varietal, then look elsewhere, otherwise this is a wholesome treat you can ‘chew’.


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Gluten Free Blueberry Muffin (Mariposa Bakery)

20140608-113443-41683493.jpgMy favorite gluten free blueberry muffin is from Mariposa bakery. I couldn’t pass one up when I visited their flagship bakeshop in Oakland for the first time (I typically go to the SF Ferry Building). Their bakery smelled heavenly. The last 30 mins they are open everything is 20% off.

The blueberry muffin has a brown sugar crumb topping which reminds me of my homemade blueberry muffin topping. Not only is the topping crumble but the inside falls apart in your hand – this is not meant to be eaten with a fork. The inside is moist, not grainy and delicate. By the looks of it they use fresh blueberries instead of frozen because the dough is not a blue color.

The only thing differing from my homemade blueberry muffins is that I tend to put more blueberries in my muffins =)


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Gluten Free Scone Review (Pushkin Bakery)


Maple Walnut Pushkin Bakery Scone


Lemon Scone – Pushkin Bakery

The maple walnut scone is hardy and chewy. It has good flavor with the walnuts and while warming it in the microwave I could smell the maple, though it was a little lacking in the execution. It had a mild sweet like a scone should have.

The lemon scone was chewy as well, and bursting with lemon flavor.  It has more icing than the maple scone, and is sweet and tart at the same time. Both of the scones are dense just like a scone should be.

I will try these scones from Pushkin again and try them fresh, I think putting them in the microwave made them more chewy than they should have been.



Crinkle showdown (Red House vs. Pushkin Bakery)


Pushkin (left), RedHouse (right) gluten free chocolate crinkles

Hmm, I may have to take back what I said about Red House bakery being the best gluten free chocolate crinkle. It is still certainly the BEST gluten free chocolate cookie.

Pushkin’s chocolate crinkle (on the left in the photos) has the flavor, and the powdered sugar goodness of a real chocolate crinkle. Pushkin still hasn’t mastered eliminating the grainy texture that some gluten free flours have and this chocolate crinkle still has a bit of crunch. The cookie is light, moist, holds together well and chewy just like the chocolate crinkles I grew up with from Betty Crocker. It has a little bit of a sticky quality, which reminds me of rolling the dough in my hands into balls prior to rolling it in the powdered sugar.

The Red House Bakery Chocolate crinkle in comparison has less powdered sugar – it’s obviously not rolled in it like traditional crinkles but it makes a pretty darn good chocolate cookie. It’s a chocolate cookie you can sink your teeth into. It’s chewy but denser than the Pushkin crinkle. The chocolate is a different flavor than a typical crinkle but you may not notice it if you don’t eat one side by side like I am for this review. It’s moist and coats your mouth in delicious, decadent chocolate. Certainly a good cookie for getting your chocolate fix.


Pushkin (left), RedHouse (right) gluten free chocolate crinkles

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Snickerdoodle (Pushkin Bakery)

This gluten free snicker doodle is hefty. There is a lot of cookie for your buck here and it’s a little more dense than a typical snicker doodle. The flavor is good, and the texture is not grainy. This is worth another try.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie & Blueberry Muffin (Pushkin Bakery)

The gluten free chocolate chip cookie had a deep brown sugar taste. It was moist, and tasted like a home made chocolate chip cookie. It only slightly grainy, and didn’t hold together as well as other cookies but I wouldn’t call it ‘crumbly’. Nice sized chunks of chocolate in the cookie.

The gluten free blueberry muffin had a ton of blueberries, was moist, and had just a slight grainy texture. There was no crumb topping that you see on most blueberry muffins, but I don’t think it was necessary, as it was just the right amount of sweet.

If I were in the area again, I’d certainly pick up the chocolate chip cookie and blueberry muffin from Pushkin Bakery.

My favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookie is from Red House Bakery and gf blueberry muffin favorite is from Mariposa Bakery.