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Katz Gluten Free Glazed Donuts

Katz Glazed Donuts, just like Kinnikinnick Pumpkin Spice Gluten Free Donut, are not worth eating as they do not resemble a donut in any manner. After three 6 pack boxes of gluten free donuts that have not even come close to what I was hoping for, I have given up on reviewing and purchasing gluten free donuts that are not chocolate.
Product: Katz Glazed Donuts & Katz Cinnamon Donuts

$6.59 for 6 donuts
 Buy again: No.
 Recommend to friends: No. I would recommend other brands like Glutino Chocolate Gluten Free Donuts or if you live in San Francisco or Oakland, the most chocolatey gluten free donuts are from Mariposa Bakery

  • They fall apart.
  • Have a weird aftertaste.
  • Thawing on counter does not help taste or texture.
  • Heating for 8-10 seconds (prior to nor after thawing on counter) does not help taste or texture.
  • There is good coverage of glaze on these donuts.
  • They are better than Kinnikinnick Pumpkin Spice Gluten free Donuts but not my much.



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Cause You’re Special Gluten Free Hearty Biscuit Mix

Product: Cause You’re Special Gluten Free Hearty Biscuit Mix
Price: $6.22
Buy again: Maybe.
Recommend to friends: Maybe, I’m looking for alternatives.

This is part of the Box O’Gluten Free Goodies.

  • They didn’t rise like self-rising flour biscuits
  • Dense
  • They have a slight grainy texture
  • The flavor was good
  • The scones I made with this mix were pretty good






Cause You’re Special Gluten Free Hearty Biscuit Mix Cause You’re Special Gluten Free Hearty Biscuit Mix


Cranberry and orange zest scones with cherry glaze

Cause You’re Special Gluten Free Hearty Biscuit Mix Gluten Free Biscuit Mix


Glutino’s Gluten Free Chocolate Donuts

Glutino Chocolate Glazed DonutsProduct: Glutino’s Gluten Free Chocolate Donuts
What I paid: $??
Buy again: Yes.
Recommend to friends: Yes.

I have a major sweet tooth and when I first started a gluten free diet I was craving donuts. On a whim I tried these from the freezer section in my local grocery store. Long story short, I went back and bought another box once this box was empty.

They store in your freezer and take just a few seconds to warm up in the microwave. They are on the small side but maybe that’s a good thing (portion control!). They are soft, moist, not grainy and have just the right amount of glaze.

Now if only they’d make blueberry cake donuts – my favorite!