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Pushkin Bakery (Gluten Free and Dairy Free Bakery)


Pushkin Bakery is located at 1820 29th St. in Sacramento, CA. It’s a little off the beaten path, but worth the trip to visit. Living 2 hours from this DEDICATED gluten free and dairy free bakery, I had to bring back a little of everything to try.

Pushkin bakery publishes their menu every day. From yesterday’s menu these were chosen to be frozen and reviewed later.

  • “Awesomes” (Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cakes) $1.75 – Good
  • “Dudes” (Mini Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Ganache) $1.75 – Pretty darn good
  • Russian Tea Cake (Vegan) $1.50 – Good considering I’m not a huge fan of Russian Tea Cakes
  • Lemon Scone $1.95 – See review
  • Maple Walnut Scone $1.95 – See review
  • Zucchini Bread (Vegan) $3.75 – a little on the dry side and grainy
  • Blueberry Muffin (Vegan) $2.00 – See review
  • Pumpkin Oat Spice Muffin (Vegan) $2.00  – a little on the dry side and grainy but wholesome flavor
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.75 – See review
  • Chocolate Crinkle Cookie $2.75 – See review
  • Snicker Doodle Cookie $2.75 NEW – See review
  • Marble Pound Cake $3.45 – Good, a little on the grainy side
  • Lemon Square (for free) – Delicious, tart, sweet, moist and made me realize how much I miss lemon meringue pies.

The items that were left out from the freezer and tasted today were:

  • Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake $3.25
  • Barracuda Cupcake (Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache) (Vegan) $3.25

Being able to dive right into these cupcakes without concern that neither the cake nor the icing would give me a bad reaction was heaven! So much so, that I didn’t take a picture beforehand! (Here is a picture of the Strawberry and Barracuda from the Pushkin website.)

Nevertheless, the Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake was good for a gluten free, dairy free version. The icing was on the sweet side – not sure what they use in place of cream to make it – and the cake was moist but unfortunately a little on the grainy side.

The Barracuda Cupcake, which I read online was great, did stand up to that review.  Like most gluten free chocolate cakes it was moist and not grainy. However, it did fall apart some and again the icing was on the sweeter side. Maybe a little too much icing in my opinion.

I would buy both of these again if I was craving a cupcake.  Also the prices are very affordable for gluten free bakery items. I was surprised to walk out of there with only a $37 bill for 15 gluten free items!

I hope that Pushkin Bakery is able to start up a store in San Francisco, CA – I would certainly be a frequent visitor.

Check back later to see if Pushkin’s chocolate crinkle can stand up to Red House Bakery’s chocolate crinkle (from Pacific Cookie Company).

What is the name of your favorite gluten free or dairy free bakery? I haven’t had a chance to fully review Pushkin’s offerings so right now, I’m still a huge fan of Flour Chylde’s (Novato, CA) treats and breads though they do make other non-gluten free items so cross contamination is possible. 

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