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Aunti Gluten’s Bakery (Gluten Free Bakery)


Using the gluten free registry app/site, Aunti Gluten’s Bakery appeared in the area that I would be this past Saturday, so I swung by to check it out. I had a gluten free mint chocolate cupcake with butter cream icing, a snicker doodle cupcake with butter cream icing and a Nutter Butter cupcake. All were deliciously moist, a little crumbly but a stand up gluten free cupcake all around.

Aunti Gluten’s is a dedicated gluten free bakery located at 4290 Stanley Blvd, Pleasanton, CA. When you walk in, you can see right on the shelf all of the ingredients they use. They make gluten free cakes by order and will cater based on other dietary needs (like dairy free). They bake cupcakes fresh every day except for Saturdays so stop by if you are in the area.

Aunti Gluten’s

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