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Green’s Gluten Free Amber Ale

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Green's Amber Ale

Green’s Amber Ale – Gluten Free Beer

This is a great alternative to a beer which has gluten in it. I’ve now had this on two occasions and enjoyed it both times. It’s a lot of beer (16.5 oz), but wasn’t overwhelming to finish it (6% alcohol).

A fellow blogger posted The 14 best and worst gluten free beers. This beer ranked #6.

6. Green’s Discovery

Style: English Strong Amber Ale
City: Baildon Shipley West Yorkshire, UK
ABV: 6%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum, rice and buckwheat
% Like Beer: 85%
For Fans Of: New Belgium Fat Tire

In addition, to the Green’s Amber, I’ve also had the Redbridge gluten free beer that is made with sorghum. Also one I would have again as an alternative to beer made with products that contain gluten.

Ranked #10 on the fellow blogger’s site.

10. Redbridge
Brewery: Anheuser-Busch
Style: Red Lager
City: St. Louis, Mo.
ABV: 4%
Key Ingredients: Sorghum
% Like Beer: 80%
For Fans Of: Yuengling


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